Day 204

Day 204. 170 hours so far. Horse training may be very rewarding but it is full of frustration. We take this thousand pound prey animal and have to teach it to perform like a machine. Sometimes you label progress in firsts. We all have those firsts, it just matters how well they are handled by... Continue Reading →


Day 104

Day 104. 100 hours so far. We took our first walk outside of the paddock this week! Going from the round pen into an area that is just fenced with a very thin hotline. O though it was marvelous to be exploring this woodsy little area. He was very good at staying right next to... Continue Reading →

Bua saddle review

After years and years of riding in a thirty year old Wintec all purpose saddle I spent this summer researching and trying different saddles. I was about ready to order a custom Hastilow Concept Jumper when my mum stumbled across the BUA saddles. Antheia is my main horse and her comfort is very important to... Continue Reading →

Day 72

Day 72 76 hours so far. Chatting with my mother about her experience of starting mustangs, there have been some interesting comparisons. While O took a long time to let me touch him, and then halter him (compared to the day or two that the three previous mustangs took), he is actually much farther along... Continue Reading →

Antheia Updates

While my blog has been flooded with posts about Occasio (because thats what originally had me create this blog) Antheia is still my girl. I somehow manage to find time after school and before homework to both ride her and work with O. Looking at photos from a year ago I can see that we... Continue Reading →

Day 48

Day 48. 56 hours so far. We are finally over the hardest part! I think... At this point O will follow me around his paddock. I can halter him pretty reliably. He leads well. I can pet him more and more each day. He is finally starting to trust that this is a partnership, not... Continue Reading →

Day 34

Day 34 46 hours so far. Occasio has continued to make steady progress and make me laugh a lot along the way. School has really started and balance has become a struggle. There are only so many hours in the day and I have filled all of them. Horses being a large part of my... Continue Reading →

Day 18

Day 18. 31 hours so far. The first update. It has been a whirlwind past while. Occasio has become a fascinating project. You can pick a name but you can't predict nicknames until they are standing in front of you. So while I picked the name Occasio and it fits perfectly, I assumed it would... Continue Reading →

Occasio Beginnings

This week has brought more exciting news! Some of you may already know, especially if you follow me (@superstar.horses)¬†on Instagram, but I got another horse! I have been wanting a project horse since about February. Now that Antheia is through all the baby stuff, it's just slow steady progression, and fine tuning. I have been... Continue Reading →

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