Day 18

Day 18. 31 hours so far. The first update. It has been a whirlwind past while. Occasio has become a fascinating project. You can pick a name but you can't predict nicknames until they are standing in front of you. So while I picked the name Occasio and it fits perfectly, I assumed it would... Continue Reading →


Occasio Beginnings

This week has brought more exciting news! Some of you may already know, especially if you follow me (@superstar.horses)¬†on Instagram, but I got another horse! I have been wanting a project horse since about February. Now that Antheia is through all the baby stuff, it's just slow steady progression, and fine tuning. I have been... Continue Reading →

Eventing Clinic

Wow! What week!On Tuesday I loaded Antheia in the trailer and, with my mum, set off to a David O'Conner three day eventing clinic.A few hours into our drive we stopped to meet Kelsey of Addiken Saddle Fitting. Kelsey was amazing, she measured Antheia's back (the second widest horse she has ever saddle fit) and... Continue Reading →

Clinic time!

In less than a week Antheia and I will be headed to a clinic with David O'Conner! Im a little nervous, for a few reasons. For one, I have only taken about 5 riding lessons in my entire life. So much of what I have learned has either been through trial and error, sheer numbers... Continue Reading →


Antheia (an-th-ey-a) is my main horse. She is my baby girl. She is my work of art. She is my superstar. Antheia- The greek goddess of marshes and swamps, as well as a few other minor things. (Perfect, as she is a gray and absolutely loves the mud) She is an American Mustang from the... Continue Reading →

First blog post

This won't be perfect, but here goes. Im just a girl, living with horses, and constantly learning. I have come to value the sharing of this journey quite a lot. I run an Instagram blog (@superstar.horses) and can spend hours talking about horses to anyone who will listen. Specifically trying to educate people on the... Continue Reading →

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